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The Foxtel Group is committed to helping create a more sustainable future by using our reach and programming to raise awareness of environmental issues while also understanding and reducing our own environmental footprint.

Our reach allows us to inspire others to take action through our community service announcement program and factual content that helps to inform our viewers about the environmental challenges Australia and the world is facing. This includes dedicated channels such as BBC Earth.

Through our Fox Footprint program, we encourage our staff to be intentional about waste management, education, and conservation, to support a more sustainable business.

As part of News Corp, our 2022 sustainability goals include:

  • Reducing our fuel and electricity carbon emissions by 60% by 2030 from a 2016 base year.
  • Minimising single-use plastic and other wastes within our business.
  • Achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050.
  • Engaging our customers, employees, suppliers and partners on sustainability outcomes.

Each year we measure the carbon footprint of our operations - this data forms part of News Corp's public reporting and target setting on CO2 emissions.

You can find out more in the News Corp's 2021 ESG Report.