TV measurement expert, Doug Peiffer, joins Foxtel Media as Senior Adviser

Doug Peiffer main

Foxtel Media today announced that audience measurement expert and former OzTam CEO Doug Peiffer, is joining the company as a Senior Adviser, bringing over 35 years of experience to the team.

As part of the Foxtel Group, one of Australia’s leading media companies with 4.6 million subscribers, Foxtel Media continues to innovate to ensure it delivers accurate and transparent measurement for its advertising partners. Peiffer’s new role will see him support Foxtel Media in unlocking the power of comprehensive ratings data from Foxtel Group’s over 1 million Foxtel set top boxes in partnership with Kantar Media. Announced at last year’s Upfront event, the project has already processed data from 2022, 2023 and 2024 and is now building out validated demographic profiles to match viewing data.

Reporting directly to Foxtel Media CEO Mark Frain, Peiffer will also bring his expertise to the development of new reach and effectiveness measures across linear and streaming channels. Additionally, he will add his insight to projects and initiatives being run in partnership with Video Futures Collective partners.

Mark Frain, CEO Foxtel Media said that Peiffer’s knowledge would be key in transforming how media would be measured by advertisers.

“In an increasingly competitive landscape, audience measurement has become all the more critical for everyone along the video supply chain, from media companies to agencies and advertisers. The evolution of content delivery has also made measurement highly complex and technical. What’s been clear to me from speaking to industry folks from the UK, the US and locally is there are only a handful of people around the world able to really navigate this field,” he said.

“Doug is one of the few experts globally with the background and deep technical knowledge to bring Australian measurement into the new age of media, and we are lucky to have him join the team,” he added.

Starting his career as a people meter installer for Nielsen in the US, Peiffer was General Manager of Strategy, Integration and Research at Australia’s Network Ten for nine years before being appointed CEO of Australia’s official television ratings currency OzTAM. During his 12-year tenure at OzTAM, Peiffer created numerous new tools and processes that allowed broadcasters to maximise their audiences, and advertisers to reach them.

Doug Peiffer, Senior Adviser at Foxtel Media said he is looking forward to the opportunity to explore new frontiers of measurement in the Australian market.

“The Foxtel Group’s suite of powerful media assets makes them uniquely qualified to pull apart the intricacies of audience measurement and create something truly special. Given the Group’s strong history with broadcast, streaming and rich data tapestry, they are well placed to leverage this information. Combined with a demonstrated willingness to work collaboratively with the industry, they are ideally positioned to deliver unparalleled insights to market that will enhance trading and boost results for the entire industry. I’m excited to be part of this pivotal moment in Australian media.”

Updates about the release of Kantar Media analysed data will be provided in the coming months.